New Masjid

We have recently been granted permission to utilise a new, larger building as our new Masjid.


The new building is located approximately half a mile from our current location. The building is an old, disused church that was most recently used as a martial arts gym, but has been abandoned for a number of years. We have agreed a purchase price of £200,000 for the property and until we have the funds we have agreed a deal to lease the building for up to 3 years. With all works completed, we anticipate the Masjid to be able to accommodate approximately 700 worshippers and around 30 cars on the on-site car park.

As of April 2017 – the Masjid building has been purchased.


In addition to the £200,000 purchase price, work and renovations for the Masjid are to cost an estimated £150,000. Work is to be carried out in two phases, as detailed below:

Phase 1

  • Internal insulation
  • Draft proofing
  • Furnishing (Lighting, Radiators, carpets etc)
  • Installation of administration office
  • Certify Gas Water and Electricity lines and appliances
  • Installation of toilet/washing facilities
  • Installation of kitchen
  • Car park renovation
  • Boundary wall restoration
  • External cosmetic building restoration
  • Drainage Facility

Phase 2

  • Install classrooms for teaching/training
  • Installation of 1st floor prayer hall and extension work
  • Facility for a conference hall
  • Facility for a library