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  • Fajr
  • Zuhr
  • `Asr
  • Maghrib
  • Isha
1st Jul02:53 AM04:00 AM04:50 AM01:17 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:37 PM09:42 PM10:52 PM11:00 PM
2nd Jul02:54 AM04:00 AM04:51 AM01:17 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:37 PM09:42 PM10:51 PM11:00 PM
3rd Jul02:55 AM04:00 AM04:52 AM01:18 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:36 PM09:41 PM10:50 PM11:00 PM
4th Jul02:56 AM04:00 AM04:53 AM01:18 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:36 PM09:41 PM10:49 PM11:00 PM
5th Jul02:57 AM04:00 AM04:54 AM01:18 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:35 PM09:40 PM10:48 PM11:00 PM
6th Jul02:58 AM04:00 AM04:54 AM01:18 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:34 PM09:39 PM10:48 PM11:00 PM
7th Jul03:00 AM04:00 AM04:55 AM01:18 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:34 PM09:39 PM10:47 PM11:00 PM
8th Jul03:01 AM04:00 AM04:56 AM01:18 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:33 PM09:38 PM10:46 PM11:00 PM
9th Jul03:02 AM04:00 AM04:57 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:36 PM07:00 PM09:32 PM09:37 PM10:45 PM11:00 PM
10th Jul03:04 AM04:00 AM04:59 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:35 PM07:00 PM09:32 PM09:37 PM10:43 PM11:00 PM
11th Jul03:05 AM04:00 AM05:00 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:35 PM07:00 PM09:31 PM09:36 PM10:42 PM11:00 PM
12th Jul03:07 AM04:00 AM05:01 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:35 PM07:00 PM09:30 PM09:35 PM10:41 PM11:00 PM
13th Jul03:08 AM04:00 AM05:02 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:35 PM07:00 PM09:29 PM09:34 PM10:40 PM11:00 PM
14th Jul03:10 AM04:00 AM05:03 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:34 PM07:00 PM09:28 PM09:33 PM10:38 PM11:00 PM
15th Jul03:11 AM04:00 AM05:04 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:34 PM07:00 PM09:27 PM09:32 PM10:37 PM11:00 PM
16th Jul03:13 AM04:00 AM05:06 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:34 PM07:00 PM09:26 PM09:31 PM10:36 PM11:00 PM
17th Jul03:14 AM04:00 AM05:07 AM01:19 PM02:00 PM05:34 PM07:00 PM09:24 PM09:29 PM10:34 PM11:00 PM
18th Jul03:16 AM04:00 AM05:08 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:33 PM07:00 PM09:23 PM09:28 PM10:33 PM11:00 PM
19th Jul03:18 AM04:00 AM05:10 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:33 PM07:00 PM09:22 PM09:27 PM10:31 PM11:00 PM
20th Jul03:19 AM04:00 AM05:11 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:32 PM07:00 PM09:21 PM09:26 PM10:30 PM11:00 PM
21st Jul03:21 AM04:00 AM05:12 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:32 PM07:00 PM09:19 PM09:25 PM10:28 PM11:00 PM
22nd Jul03:23 AM04:00 AM05:14 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:31 PM07:00 PM09:18 PM09:23 PM10:26 PM11:00 PM
23rd Jul03:24 AM04:00 AM05:15 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:31 PM07:00 PM09:17 PM09:22 PM10:25 PM11:00 PM
24th Jul03:26 AM04:00 AM05:17 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:30 PM07:00 PM09:15 PM09:20 PM10:23 PM11:00 PM
25th Jul03:28 AM04:00 AM05:18 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:30 PM07:00 PM09:14 PM09:19 PM10:21 PM11:00 PM
26th Jul03:30 AM04:00 AM05:20 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:29 PM07:00 PM09:12 PM09:17 PM10:19 PM11:00 PM
27th Jul03:32 AM04:15 AM05:21 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:29 PM07:00 PM09:11 PM09:16 PM10:18 PM10:45 PM
28th Jul03:34 AM04:15 AM05:23 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:28 PM07:00 PM09:09 PM09:14 PM10:16 PM10:45 PM
29th Jul03:35 AM04:15 AM05:24 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:27 PM07:00 PM09:08 PM09:13 PM10:14 PM10:45 PM
30th Jul03:37 AM04:15 AM05:26 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:27 PM07:00 PM09:06 PM09:11 PM10:12 PM10:45 PM
31st Jul03:39 AM04:15 AM05:27 AM01:20 PM02:00 PM05:26 PM07:00 PM09:04 PM09:09 PM10:10 PM10:45 PM
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