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Friday Prayer

Jamuaa khutba: 1pm | Salah at 1.15pm

Ladies section available too.


Polite Notice


*1. The monthly (4 weeks) class fees will be £30*

*2. Class times*

Boys & Girls: Monday – Thursday*

Class 1 5pm-6pm | Class 2 6pm-7pm

*3. Class Admission age 7-12 years*

(ages below or above the age range will have private class options)

JazakaAllah Khair for your patience and understanding.


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Old Hill Masjid Extension Project


Extension work for our Masjid started in June 2021.

Work done so far:

*Piling for foundation

*Steel work for 1st floor

*concrete ground floor

*1st floor boarding and floor joists

*1st floor windows

*Fire exit doors

Funds required for Work in progress:

*Stairs access to 1st floor including additional steel works £13.5k

*Ground floor and 1st floor stud walls and partitions including insulation and borading 14.7k

*Electrics including CCTV camera + sound system 9k

*Ground floor & 1st floor Heating £7k

Extra Funds required:

Funds raised so far:
Donation £130k
Loans 20k

Total funds required:
*44,200 + 20000(loans) = £64,200*


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